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Last Updated (Tuesday, 19 July 2011 09:38)


We have been very busy sourcing new parts and suppliers, in the not to distant future we will be adding to the parts list , in all our research the aim has been :-

  1. Quality
  2. Correct Measurement
  3. Value for money



I had a good day yesterday with Poppy.  I have never seen a film, well a commercial, being made.  I was in a warehouse along the Bath Road from 7.30 until about 16.00.  First breakfast! This was from a special catering wagon. There was everything from , eggs, sausages, bacon, toast, tomatoes etc. You just said what you want, and the lady put it on a plate for you. Then into a double decker bus which had been converted to seat and tables. A bit like on a train!
Then they set up the filming equipment and started.
There were two other cars as well as Poppy and a horse drawn carriage. A vintage Bentley, a Mustang, and Poppy.    They must have taken at least 20 shots of each car, with a girl getting out of it and walking forward towards the camera.  Then a few of her getting out of the carriage.
It is for a BT commercial. I gather it has been a kind of wedding preparation story, with other commercials been of her sorting out the wedding flowers, then the wedding dress, and this time it is for the cars!  So I understand when it comes on the box, viewers vote what she will do. In this case what car she will use!!! I will let you know when I find out when the ad is on, so you can vote for Poppy!!!!. I understand it is also on Utbe, so I will let you have the site address, that is as soon as I know myself!!
The whole day I found very interesting.
In the far corner of the warehouse, I watched during the day, a complete bridal shop being created. From nothing in the morning until just before  left, the whole 'shop' finished.I took a few photos of it as it progressed during the day!  I will send those photos another time!
I have attached a few photos that I have reduced in size so they should send OK. Let me know what you think?!!?
Enjoy every day


Last Updated (Thursday, 17 February 2011 10:16)


After being ripped off by a shady dealer in Hampshire, Patricks car is nearly finished, David corrected the mechanical problems some which were lethal and The Forest Corner Garage in Ringwood have done a great paint job.

Last Updated (Friday, 11 February 2011 09:31)

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