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We have been very busy sourcing new parts and suppliers, in the not to distant future we will be adding to the parts list , in all our research the aim has been :-

  1. Quality
  2. Correct Measurement
  3. Value for money



I had a good day yesterday with Poppy.  I have never seen a film, well a commercial, being made.  I was in a warehouse along the Bath Road from 7.30 until about 16.00.  First breakfast! This was from a special catering wagon. There was everything from , eggs, sausages, bacon, toast, tomatoes etc. You just said what you want, and the lady put it on a plate for you. Then into a double decker bus which had been converted to seat and tables. A bit like on a train!
Then they set up the filming equipment and started.
There were two other cars as well as Poppy and a horse drawn carriage. A vintage Bentley, a Mustang, and Poppy.    They must have taken at least 20 shots of each car, with a girl getting out of it and walking forward towards the camera.  Then a few of her getting out of the carriage.
It is for a BT commercial. I gather it has been a kind of wedding preparation story, with other commercials been of her sorting out the wedding flowers, then the wedding dress, and this time it is for the cars!  So I understand when it comes on the box, viewers vote what she will do. In this case what car she will use!!! I will let you know when I find out when the ad is on, so you can vote for Poppy!!!!. I understand it is also on Utbe, so I will let you have the site address, that is as soon as I know myself!!
The whole day I found very interesting.
In the far corner of the warehouse, I watched during the day, a complete bridal shop being created. From nothing in the morning until just before  left, the whole 'shop' finished.I took a few photos of it as it progressed during the day!  I will send those photos another time!
I have attached a few photos that I have reduced in size so they should send OK. Let me know what you think?!!?
Enjoy every day


Last Updated (Thursday, 17 February 2011 10:16)


After being ripped off by a shady dealer in Hampshire, Patricks car is nearly finished, David corrected the mechanical problems some which were lethal and The Forest Corner Garage in Ringwood have done a great paint job.

Last Updated (Friday, 11 February 2011 09:31)

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It would seem that the Isetta Committee are not interested in the members welfare,

The closure of the 'club spares' due to the resignation of Mike Hurn is unbelievable!  why did this wonderful committee allow this without making contingency plans for the club members (who own the spare's), more to the point what are they doing to recruit a replacement?

Last Updated (Friday, 28 January 2011 13:35)

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